New: The old tests are back!

I found the language files of the old site, so now I’m able to reconstruct the levels that older users will recognize. But sorry, I need some more time to figure out how to do the one second time limit.

So far I’ve completed levels 1 through 8 of the intervals, triads and 7th chords, and there’s more to come in the near future.

Stay tuned!


Another April update

We’re back from Easter vacation, and the looks haven’t changed much. There’s been some background improvements, but I’m afraid there still are some bugs in there.

  • The Mode tests will play back at different tempos, and that’s a plus.
  • I’ve changed the looks with some icons, but I’m not sure it’s a plus.
  • I’ve torn down a kitchen out in the woods and partly rebuilt it, but that’s completely off topic.

Watch this space!

April update

Earplane has been updated, but it’s mostly behind the scenes. The only visible difference is that your login will now survive a page reload and a browser restart. So if you’re on a public computer you may want to remember to log out when you end your session.

Apart from that I’ve refactored the source into something more expansion friendly, and I feel ready to proceed. I haven’t yet decided what the next update will be, I probably should try to dig up some files from the old site so that I can copy the test levels from there. Or I can concentrate on the looks. We’ll see.

Please comment if you’ve got a suggestion.